A Forgotten Legend! The Hindustan Motors Ambassador(Amby)

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Hindustan Motors Ambassador

The Hindustan Motors Ambassador car was a legendary vehicle in the Indian Automotive Market. The HM Ambassador was based on the Morris Oxford Series 3 model. First designed by Morris Motors Limited in the United Kingdom. In 1956 Morris Motors Limited sold the rights and tooling to Hindustan Motors as it had done for its previous Series. The Hindustan Motors Ambassador was launched in India in the year 1957. 

Hindustan Ambassador

 The Hindustan Motors Ambassador brought a revolution in the Indian Market. It was spacious, powerful, big, more ergonomic and had a solid frame which gave a sense of safety to its occupants and not to miss the super comfort it offered. The ambassador initially came with a side-valve engine but was upgraded to an overhead-valve engine later it was introduced with MPFI technology thanks to the changing emission norms in the country. Also, the car at that point was quite an innovation with a fully enclosed monocoque chassis, which is why it was safe & spacious inside. HM Ambassador was a rear-wheel drive sedan with a leaf spring suspension at the rear and Independent front suspension. It was a sheer luxury with high-quality fabric and super comfortable sofa seats.

Vip Vehicle The Hindustan Motors Ambassador

 After being a big hit in the Indian market the Hindustan Motors Ambassador was re-imported in the UK in the year 1992. The vehicle was retrofitted with an Air conditioner/heater and seat belts in order to comply with European safety norms, but only a few numbers were sold, and the importer went into liquidation and stopped the import.

 Till 2014 the year when the production of the Ambassador was stopped, The Hindustan Motors continued the production of the Ambassador with very few changes or improvements from its inception.

Indian Army Ambassador

 The Timeline-

  • Mark I (1957 to 1962)
  • Mark II (1962 to 1975)
  • Mark III (1975 to 1979)
  • Mark 4 (1979 to 1990)
  • Ambassador Nova
  • Ambassador 1800 ISZ, Classic
  • Ambassador Grand

 The Hindustan Motors Ambassador is still used by some politicians and government officials. The Ambassador makes you stand out of the crowd when you are on the road. The Ambassadors can be easily spotted in Delhi with government stickers and National flags hosted on. Many politicians have been using the Ambassador with retrofitted armour kits for more safety and protection. The Ambassador was also crowned as the best taxi in the world by Top Gear BBC.  

Best Taxi in the world won by Hindustan Motors Ambassador

 Hindustan Motors Ambassador( Amby) will be missed but never forgotten.