10 Must have Gears if you are Camping on your own!

Table of Contents

1. Tent

camping tent

The camping tent serves as your portable home. A good tent can make your camping very comfortable and easy. You can easily pitch a tent and make it your bedroom for the night. Tents are available at different temperature rating. Pick your tent wisely. Buy Now

2. Sleeping Bag

sleeping bags for camping

Camping outdoors is all adventure but you definitely need a good sleep at night. Sleeping bag or mat is must to have with your gears. Teraains can be rocky, loose, etc. So putting a sleeping mat/ bag is very important. Buy Now

3. Camping Chair

camping chair

Finding a spot and relax is very easy in the wild, but expecting a bench will be foolish. Always carry a camping chair to enjoy those moments. Camping chairs are relaxing, compact and durable also. Buy Now

4. Torch

torch for camping

Camping is fun only in the day time, but if you are a faint-hearted you can easily be spooked in the night. Always carry a torch when in the wild for camping. Head Torch is advisable because while cooking you won’t need anyone to hold the torch for you. Buy Now

5. Water Container

camping water container

Always carry an ample amount of water with you. Sometimes finding clean water in the wild is very hard luck. So always carry a water container with decent capacity depending on the mode of your travel. Buy Now

6. First Aid Kit

first aid kit camping

Always keep a first aid kit with you. With some commonly used medicines, band-aid, Dettol, antiseptics etc. Buy Now

7. Stove

cartridge stove for camping

If you are cooking yourself on the camping trip, a stove is must have preferably a compact one with a cartridge and yes a long-lasting one. Buy Now

8. Disposables

camping disposables

Washing your dishes can be a big task in the wild and will consume a lot of water as well. Carry disposable plates, cups, spoons etc. with you.

9. Trashbag

trachbags for camping

Its feels so good finding a place with no traces of humans, please let it be the way it is. Always carry a trash bag and collect all your trash and others too if you find anything at your site. Mother nature needs our support now.

10. Recovery Kit

car recovery kit

If travelling in a vehicle always carry a vehicle recovery kit with you to avoid any mishappening. Buy Now

I hope this list will be very helpful in selecting your camping gears.
Happy Camping!