10 Lakh + Km and Still Cranks in Single Self!

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Toyota is globally known for its reliability and durability, the reason why Toyota has a very strong sales figures. In the Indian Automotive market, Toyota holds a huge market share. The Innova and the Fortuner are the highest selling vehicles from Toyota.

Equipped with a D4-D Diesel engine people have used these vehicles for lakhs of km with just routine maintenance. Recently Toyota India shared a picture of an Innova which had done 6 lakh km without and overhaul and days after Anaamalais Toyota shared a pic on their social media handle of an Innova which had covered 10 lakh plus km without an engine overhaul.
This vehicle is a 2007 model Toyota Innova and has private registration, and we wonder how the owner managed to run this vehicle so much in just 13 years of ownership as the vehicle is not commercially used.

The D4-D engine is very well known for its reliability and can easily cover lakhs for kilometres with just regular maintenance. Diesel engines are much more reliable than petrol engines.

The best way to ensure high mileage of your vehicle follow the routine maintenance suggested by the manufacturer and keep changing basic consumables like oils, filters and other parts following a tight schedule.